Diet food for dogs: only in New York

Seen displayed in a pet shop on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. No more porky pooches with the Atkins diet for canines!

Diet food for dogs for crying out loud!

Diet food for dogs for crying out loud!

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Goodbye Manhattan, Hello Brooklyn!

London loves Brooklyn graffitiSo it’s been a while since I blogged last – and that’s really for two reasons. Firstly, I traversed the Atlantic on a marathon 10-day work/social trip back to London. And secondly, as mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been moving apartment.

You may recall that I had ‘auditioned’ for an apartment share in Brooklyn. Well, it turned out that the guy ended up offering the room to someone else (the audacity!). Nevertheless, it all worked out well because behind door number two was Mr Cool Advertising Dude, who offered me a room in the Polish/hipster enclave that is Greenpoint. So several taxi rides and Ikea trips later, here I am happily blogging from Brooklyn. And what a difference already! Continue reading

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Revolutionary Graffiti in Alphabet City

revolution not televised

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Sssh! How to keep the rent down in New York

East RiverI was inspired to write again about renting in the city after I came across this article in the fabulously trashy New York Post. Turns out one enterprising woman had been living in her dead aunt’s fancy Brooklyn apartment at rent-stabilized rates for FIVE years by pretending the dear old lady was still with us. “She has a touch of arthritis”, she would airily advise suspicious members of the co-op board.

When I spoke with my boss about this today, she laughed and said this was very New York. Is bare-faced fraud really the only way to keep your rent down when living in the Big Apple? From my own experience (of which more shortly), this kind of under the radar activity seems almost the rule, not the exception.
Continue reading

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New York City: This Must Be The Place

I was talking today with a work colleague – who is also a music journalist – about songs that embody life in New York City. It made me reflect on the emotional connection that people have with life in Manhattan as expressed in various elements of popular culture.

Since I once visited New York for a few days when I was a student, I’ve always harboured had a life ambition to live here at some point in my life. I can’t tell you exactly why. It was that same gut reaction that people get when they check out a new house to rent or buy. The feeling that says ‘this could be home’.

Through my twenties this emotion was summed up concretely in three things – a song, a poster and a movie. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Mrs Suspicious lives in the West Village

Suspect your nanny is roughing up the kids or that your husband is playing away? Then get yourself down to the Spy Store in the West Village for some top-notch surveillance goodies. Go now before the paranoia wears off!

Spy store sign


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In NYC, here are the people you could meet…

Greek statueI thought this time I would simply share a few observations about life in Manhattan that really give you a flavour of the kind of people you could meet (a la Pigeon Street) … every day. Here are the people with whom you would share the sights, the sounds, the air:

Let’s start with the woman in the Metropolitan Museum of Art who systematically moved from Greek and Roman statues, taking close-up photos of their buttocks and genitals. (She wasn’t interested in any other part of their anatomies). Then we’ll move on to:

  • The dog-walker I passed on my way to work – exercising no less than nine dogs all at once (I counted!);
  • The street vendor who pushed his cart directly at me on the pavement and who was outraged I wouldn’t step aside (“Get out of my way, asshole!” etc);
  • The colleague who told me about her nanny being arrested for biting a police officer after trying to hide what looked like drugs under her son’s blanket;
  • The man in a wheelchair who demanded someone help wheel him onto the pavement and then who screamed at me for doing it wrong (“no good deed goes unpunished in New York”, my room-mate wisely commented);
  • The senior leader at work who was flabbergasted that people were reluctant to attend calls after 6pm or on weekends (including Passover). “Can you believe it?”, he said. Er, yes…
  • The charming chap sat near me in a cigar bar, telling his buddies: “I was once told the face is not important, it’s all about the body – that’s certainly the case with my girlfriend.”
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