Day One in New York City

Brooklyn BridgeAlthough I promised to blog some more before leaving Britain, last minute preparations got the better of me. Sorry! Now that I’ve finally arrived in New York, however, I can really start dishing the dirt.

To begin with, I’m living temporarily in an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. I managed to get the room via a referral from one of my work colleagues (since exorbitant broker fees and raiding Craigslist REALLY didn’t appeal). I’m flatsharing with two randoms in a high-rise not far from Times Square. It’s nice, but expensive, so not sure if I will be staying here long term.

To get my bearings, today I went for a wander round the neighbourhood. Despite its name, Hell’s Kitchen is really not that hellish anymore. Sure, there are some sketchy parts near Port Authority bus station, but there are also some really cool restaurants over on 9th Avenue. The area is said to be quite up and coming (one of my New Yorker colleagues described it as ‘badass’), so let’s see how it all goes.

While I had raging wanderlust, I decided to start my time in New York with the ultimate cliche and to check out the Brooklyn Bridge. I think it’s been ingrained in my brain from featuring heavily in one of my all-time favourite movies, Saturday Night Fever (which I think tells you a lot about my lowbrow tastes). So I did my own John Travolta strut into Brooklyn to see it for myself. Being honest, it wasn’t quite as impressive as I’d hoped, but cool nonetheless, especially glistening in the sunshine of a humid New York summer. NB – In case you were wondering, the picture above was taken from the Manhattan Bridge, which took ages to walk across but enabled me to get the best view of the bridge against Lower Manhattan.

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