The Million Dollar View

Manhattan from WeehawkenLiving in Manhattan, there are great views all around. From my apartment window, I can see all the way to One World Trade Center. On my way to work I catch a glimpse of the Chrysler building, peeking at me between the skyscrapers. And this afternoon I was at a Labor Day barbecue in Battery Park City, overlooking the Statue of Liberty. But for the best views of the city, you really have to cross the water. So this weekend, I made the trip over to Weehawken for the million dollar view of the Manhattan skyline.

To get there, I took the ferry from Midtown to Port Imperial, which is a journey of just 8 minutes. Even the views from the boat are just fantastic. From Port Imperial, I recommend walking south from the ferry terminal before returning. Recently, there has been a lot of development around the Weehawken shoreline, with new condos going up at a rate of knots. As a result, alongside the riverside there’s a great promenade, complete with lots of benches from which to take it all in.

My crappy iPhone camera really doesn’t do the view justice, but I’m not sure any camera ever would. It’s just magical – you really have to see it for yourself. I went in the evening, but I’m told sunset is the best time to go. I always used to love the view over the Thames in London, especially at night. But this skyline really was something else.

It reminded me of the first frame of the opening credits of Friends, although that must have been shot from the East River, rather than from New Jersey.  In any case, for much better photos of the million dollar view, I recommend you take a look at street view on Google Maps. You won’t be disappointed.

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