Rooftop Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen

Now that I’ve been living in Hell’s Kitchen for a few months, I thought I’d write a little more about the neighbourhood. To be honest, it’s not somewhere I would have really considered living before. However, now that I’m here, it’s really grown on me.

Sure, it’s rough around the edges – what with the Port Authority crazies, strutting transsexual prostitutes and 8th Avenue porn superstores. But now really is Hell’s Kitchen’s moment, with new condos being thrown up all over the show and a truly vibrant bar/restaurant scene attracting people from far and wide.

I’m still crawling my way around the bars in the area, but thought I would talk about a few initial discoveries with outdoor space that I think are definitely worth a visit – especially since they are within walking distance of the tourist nirvana/cliché that is Times Square.

First up – the Press Lounge at Ink 48. This is a fantastic rooftop bar with stunning views over Manhattan and a range of cocktails averaging $12-16. A little off the beaten track, it’s worth the trip – especially at sunset. The vibe is sophisticated, but not overly pretentious or full of hipster try-hards.

Second on the list would be the outdoor lounge at Yotel on 42nd and 10th. Doesn’t seem to make the listings and surprisingly uncrowded even on a Saturday night – despite great views and a chilled-out atmosphere. The perfect place to start the night off, with reasonably priced drinks and delicious cocktails with a Japanese twist.

Third favourite would be Hallo Berlin on 10th Avenue – a shrine to German cuisine that serves a decent selection of wheat beers, including my favourite, Erdinger Weissbier. There’s even a beer garden out the back for when the weather’s nice. A great place to meet a mate for a pint.

There are, of course, countless bars in Hell’s Kitchen, so I’ll be back with more updates in due course, once I’ve crawled my way around a few more.


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