Hallowe’en Hurricane in New York City

Aspiring to almost British levels of understatement, signs similar to these went up across Manhattan yesterday. ‘Inclement weather’ doesn’t even begin to cover it … as I write the streets of New York are deserted as everyone cowers indoors to avoid the life-threatening winds and driving rain.

The worst of Hurricane Sandy is about to come as it approaches the shoreline of New Jersey. As a Brit, this kind of emergency situation is really beyond my experience. There were queues of almost Soviet proportions at the supermarket yesterday and today. There is a real risk of power cuts and subway flooding across the City. And a damaged crane hangs perilously from a nearby apartment building, threatening all in the immediate vicinity.

In response, in true British style I’ve stuck to the essentials. I’ve stocked up on alcohol, packed an emergency bag and even cleaned the bathroom so that it’s not too scabby to hide in if the worst comes to the worst. Wish me luck!

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One Response to Hallowe’en Hurricane in New York City

  1. dchideaway says:

    We’re ready for the worst in DC. Take care. Cheers!

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