The foodie secrets of Hell’s Kitchen

Sullivan St bakeryFurther to my previous remarks about bars with open space in Hell’s Kitchen, now let’s talk food.

I set off today with a work colleague on a fantastic tasting tour of Hell’s Kitchen, exploring the lesser-known eateries of the area. The whistlestop tour of the neighbourhood was run by Rum and Blackbird, a fantastic outfit who organize foodie walks around the blocks – with some history thrown in to boot.

Our perky guide, who was a former hotel concierge, led us a merry dance around various Hell’s Kitchen side streets to sample a range of delicious concoctions that really did liven up a drizzly Sunday afternoon.

We tried South American treats at Empanada Mama, drank delicious shakes at Island Burger & Shakes, gorged on tacos at Guelaguetza, ate amazing Zucchini pizza at Sullivan St Bakery and finished it all off with apple pie at the Little Pie Company.

The tour was very well put-together, with lots of inside local knowledge and helpful tips thrown in for good measure. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get under the skin of a neighbourhood that is determined to shake of its sketchy past yet maintain its quirky individual character.

My main take-away from today was that if you’re prepared to venture away from the avenues, you can get some truly top-notch food in the most unexpected of places (the farmer’s market surrounded by barbed wire springs to mind).

I think that pretty much sums Hell’s Kitchen up. At first glance it seems scruffy and offputting. Look beneath the surface, however, and there is a whole secret world waiting to be explored.

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