In NYC, here are the people you could meet…

Greek statueI thought this time I would simply share a few observations about life in Manhattan that really give you a flavour of the kind of people you could meet (a la Pigeon Street) … every day. Here are the people with whom you would share the sights, the sounds, the air:

Let’s start with the woman in the Metropolitan Museum of Art who systematically moved from Greek and Roman statues, taking close-up photos of their buttocks and genitals. (She wasn’t interested in any other part of their anatomies). Then we’ll move on to:

  • The dog-walker I passed on my way to work – exercising no less than nine dogs all at once (I counted!);
  • The street vendor who pushed his cart directly at me on the pavement and who was outraged I wouldn’t step aside (“Get out of my way, asshole!” etc);
  • The colleague who told me about her nanny being arrested for biting a police officer after trying to hide what looked like drugs under her son’s blanket;
  • The man in a wheelchair who demanded someone help wheel him onto the pavement and then who screamed at me for doing it wrong (“no good deed goes unpunished in New York”, my room-mate wisely commented);
  • The senior leader at work who was flabbergasted that people were reluctant to attend calls after 6pm or on weekends (including Passover). “Can you believe it?”, he said. Er, yes…
  • The charming chap sat near me in a cigar bar, telling his buddies: “I was once told the face is not important, it’s all about the body – that’s certainly the case with my girlfriend.”
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