About the Dapper Brit

Dapper Brit in NYC is a blog following the journey of a thirtysomething British guy who’s finding his feet in The Big Apple. (That’s me, by the way).

You may not find this voyage of discovery groundbreaking, but I hope you’ll find it honest.

I was inspired to write it because when I was planning my move from London, I came across some very useful websites that helped me get my head around New York – but I couldn’t really find one that got under the skin of the subtle, everyday differences.

So that’s what this blog is all about – what it’s like for a Brit to find his (or her) feet in New York.  Please do get in touch using the contact form below. As we say in Britain, a penny for your thoughts….

A bit about me

I’ve called this blog the Dapper Brit because I’m usually known for dressing quite smartly, although I make no claim to be on the cutting edge of fashion. It’s partly irony, which we Brits tend to specialize in (and do so much better).

I’m English and yes, you can hear it in my accent when I talk, although not in that stereotyped plummy Hollywood British villain kind of way.

Before moving to NYC, I worked in London for ten years, in public relations. I still work in public relations, which means I do secretly aspire to Don Draper’s corner office (with the requisite cocktail cabinet). And despite what they say about PR people, we’re not all evil. Just some of us…

PS, the picture of the Manhattan skyline on my blog is the view from the Rockerfeller Center and is courtesy of cpoyatos on Flickr.


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